Record Keeping for Cattle, Sheep and Goats.

Web based herd management without the price tag.


A single place for all your records.'s herd management software includes several types of records: weighing, weaning, calving, lambing, kidding, dam, sire, breeding, health treatments (bulk) and more.

Keeping records up-to-date has never been so easy and fun!

Access your data from any computer.

With our hassle free solution, you will never have to install a software again and you can use any laptop or desktop to login to


Simple Record Keeping

Keep your farm production records up to date and safe. Use with any PC or Mac with Internet access.

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I need more.

We also have an outstanding commercial software with first class support. Our commercial offering is a distinct software than the free version. It adds group management, high performance for low speed internet connections, batch (group) update, bulk add of new animals and more.

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