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Reach goat, sheep or cattle producers.

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That is how much time an average user spends on A significant improvement against the average 15 seconds spent by 55% of users on webistes.

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Advertising Opportunities

Let your ad be seen by real farmers

Our users are farmers and they come several times per month on to manage their herd. is unique in that sense. It allows you to build brand awareness with a regular and increasing audience.

How to submit an ad

We are currently working on automating advertisement and online payments. Once completed, you will be able to upload your ad and make a payment.

How it works

Once uploaded, your ad will be reviewed and approved (as long at it relates to farming/agriculture) and it will be displayed on the login and logout pages to be seen by all users. Images are allowed. If your ad is not approved you will have the possibility to change it or get your money back.

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